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    San Francisco

    The City

    For the weary traveler or constant coder, HackerHome provides spaces in SF proper and surrounding areas.

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    MPK or MTV

    With some of the biggest tech firms and institutions nearby, HackerHome provides cozy and convenient locations along the peninsula.

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    South Bay

    Know the Way

    HackerHome spaces are conveniently located in the south bay near high profile coding boot camps and a lively downtown.

  • experience



    November 2019

    Wonderful sense of community. Guaranteed to make wonderful friends from all over the world. I came to stay for a few months, and deciding to stay for many more months to come.


    November 2019

    HH is truly a magical place...what I thought would be a budget-saving, cramped home full of people going about their own separate lives turned out to be one of the warmest communities I’ve ever met, full of driven, fun, and sociable individuals. Indeed, I left HH with great memories, friends, and a new take in communal living.


    October 2019

    I was 24 weeks pregnant when I stayed in a bunk at the hacker house in Menlo, so I was hesitant at first - but this ended up being a real highlight of my trip. I stayed for 2.5 weeks and found all the guests to be super respectful of one another, kind and interesting people to talk to. The house was kept really clean and there communal areas were great to work in.


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